Emma x Floyd june 2015

June 25 2015

4 females- 3 males

Cirtaps prinses Emma van Wirre-E


Floyd Charlte van de Rastahoeve (NL)

results from this litter:

NO CH NJV-16 Duckhills Royal Flush of Emma 'Theo' (2 years)

SE UCH Duckhills Royal Flox of Emma 'Flox' (2 years, 1m)

SE UCh Royal Flyng of Emma

Ducklings '15 Emma x Floyd

What more can you wish as a breeder: beautiful, healthy puppies, not complaining/whining at all, a very good mother Emma taking care of them, growing and delivered by the book....  click on the pictures

Pedigree: (click for large picture)

Both parents DNA tested free:



Eyes clear

patella 0/0

Emma: HD A/A

info: Floyd

Info: Emma

Week 1

Day 9

Girl 1 starts with first steps and the rest is following her. They are doing just fine, specially considering the hot weather.

Emma was keeping the other dogs on a distance and from yesterdayevening she tolerated them and even tried to join the play again. The others are allowed now to come near and watch but not yet greet the puppies close. I think this is really good. The puppies haven't build up all the resistance yet and the mother has to protect them.

Day 10

According all books, all the puppies have doubled their weight, some even 150%

Starting to lift their heads more and trying to stand on their feet.

We started with the puppypackages they get with them when they leave us. One of the items is a 'Duckhills Sofa' with the smell of the nest on it. So it will be comforting for the litlle one in their new homes. To get the smell the puppies have to prepare it themselves!

the blanket sleeps very nice
nice positions they can take
They have to give their own smell to the blankets
male 1
checking the new thing out
nice equal in weight and size
sleeping again

Day 8

It is very hot outside (and in the puppyroom) so the puppies are moved during daytime to a cool room and like this very much. Emma found a way to have a good look over her puppies and lay on the cold floor as well. The ducklings are growing very good, and I think the eyes will open soon!

Day 11

They try to stand on their feet and we saw very tiny openings in the eyes!

Day 13

Today is nailclipping sceduled! Their nails growing fast, sharp on Emma while drinking, but also have a tendency to grow sidewise when they are more and more walking. They didn't mind or even notice. Clipped them while they were sleeping.

2 Weeks!! all growing and doiing really fine. Today they had their second foto-shoot and the Ducktoys they have with them on the picture will accompany them home when they are 8 weeks.

15 days

Today was wormtreatmentday! Not that the Ducklings cared about that that much. They did not really like the pink stuff, strange new thing to taste.

They get the treatment just to be sure, on the safe side.

16 days

None of the Ducklings reacted on the wormtreatment, all happy as ever.

They are starting to react on each other, almost surprised there is another puppy!

17 days

Walking more and faster everyday, practice makes them grow on all sides!

And off course they are allways hungry....

In the video Emma washes them first because it is no longer to do when she feeds them, they take to much place (they are between 700-850g)

18 days

playing more and more with the others and reacting on the plucheducks they got in their nest. The ducks will follow them home and have to get some nest-smell.

19 days

almost 3 weeks and developing like they should. React often on sounds they hear and awake a little bit longer each time.

Day 12

All of a sudden the little critters become dogs. Their world changes so much now. Hearing and sight developes fast. Although they can't really see yet, only see light and dark now.

20 days

almost 3 weeks, theeth are coming now

3 weeks old. we clipped all the nails again today, had a fotoshoot and the walked their first round in the livingroom, very slippery and very new!

22 days. just satisfied, Emma giving them milk and 2 aunts Dazzle and Jinx helping with the washing and try to play.

23 days

tried their first dogfood 'puppymousse' today....and they loved it!

and sometimes they can lay down to sleep and I wonder how they managed....

Day 24 Puppyvisits again today and they got nice presents from papa Floyd! this will stay a surprise...

Day 25

Last night there were 3 escapes, first boy 2 and after him male 1 and female 4 who climbed out of the welpingbox.

So we have to put up some extra fencing... climbing out is not the problem but the happy aunts are. They loooove to play but don't show the way back to the box and than we get awakened by loud puppyscreams and howling. On the videao is very good to see the gentle reaction from jinx on the puppies while she is trying to eat a bone...5 months old and very social.

Day 26

Sometimes I almost can't believe how much a little living thing can develop so much in a couple of weeks... reacting on each other, 'tasting' their environment (read: furniture)

Day 27

Finally we had sun outside and dry enough for the ducklings to take their first walk outside. The first seconds they tasted the grass and then walked and played, they did wonderful!

Yeahh!!! 4 weeks old already!

It is just amazing to follow them develop in life. From 220g to 1,4kg in a few weeks and running, exploring, 'fighting', playing and discovering the big world with all its sounds, smells and exciting things.

They got names!

Royal after the day Emma and Floyd mated (national Kingsday) and after the 'princess'line Emma comes from at Cirtapskennel. The names start with FL and o or y in it after their father Floyd.

Day 29

The day of visiting guests and deworming again!

Day 30

Today future owners visiting and because of the rain outside the puppies had to play inside. First time in duckhills puppyplayland :-) It was most of the time discovering, smelling and in the end falling asleep on the swing.

Day 31

This day was rainy again. First visit indoors where they got socialized with very nice young children. Just perfect for them.

After a powernap they could go in their experience center again: Puppyplayland.

Day 32

2 nights in a row girl 4 Flow, escaped and played nice and without a sound with Dazzle, We discovered it in the morning when we woke up, she was sound asleep somewhere in the livingroom and 1 time Dazzle was to enthousiastic and made to many sounds. Normally the other puppies would scream or the puppy self but she managed 2 nights to have some fun so far :-)

Day 33

Appetite ánd the puppies grow equally. They just love some attention and visits. Noce to see they react enthousiastic every time.

Day 34

It is raining cats and dogs outside so the ducklings had to stay inside. But they don't mind. They play with eachother or the things they find in their puppyplayland.

You can really see them developing into different personalities and the way they react and learn on items and sounds.

5 weeks!!! Day 35

Time flies. They are growing and learning so fast, unbelievable.

Today the weekly fotoshoot, the 30minutes we had sun out. Lucky me. The rest of the day they enjoyed indoors and at the terrace under the roof. First time at that place.

Day 36

Time inside in the puppyplayland first and the afternoonprogram was outside.

Day 37 and 38

The puppies were out in the rain and took their first ride in the duckhills-pup-taxi!

Day 39

Digging holes, play with a frisbee, fighting with the others and challanging Emma, Dazzle and Jinx. Busy days between meals and naps :-)

Day 40

8 visitors today and a lovely day outside in the garden.

Day 41

almost 6 weeks, growing fast now in the legs, increased social interaction and really eager to explore the world around  them.

Day 42, 6 weeks old!!

Day 43

Today they went with the Duckhills-puptaxi to the old tenniscourts nearby our house. They just loved this new experience. Nice to see free puppies having fun, no fear or hesitation at all.

Day 44

Trip to the sportpark today.

Day 45

Training at home today: experiencing a plastic sheet. They thought it was rather something to play with.

Day 46

trying out water and just having fun

Day 47

puppyvisits and most of all playing, sleeping and growing

Day 49

Day 48

Today they had their first ride in the car wich went without problems. After the ride they visited the local petshop!

Day 52