Qunacks Favor Joyeus Jinx

Born: 2015 feb 7

F: NLCH JW'13 NJK'13 Terra Doma's Lepidus Mare 

M: NLCH EJW'11 NJK '11 JW'11 Byondra van Camelot's Polderzicht

Import Netherlands



-ENM: DNA tested free

-VWD: DNA tested free

-eyes: Clear (feb 2018)

-patella: 0/0


2018 with Rudi (Hakim vom Torfmoorsee)


Qunacks Favor Joyeus Jinx

Jinx 2y sech dkch

Jinx comes from Qunacks Favor kennel in Holland. We can't thank them enough to get a chance to import a puppy from this special combination.

When I saw Evy (the mother) in 2011 for the first time I was very, very fond of her. A very succesfull kooiker in the showring but more important a selfconfident social lady.

Finally, in her second litter with the beautiful male Rubah, there she was: Jinx!

A very social kooiker with the loveliest attitude. She just loooooves people and kids in special.

She developed in a very friendly enthousiastic girl, she just loves to share her kisses with everybody. <3