Duckhills Royal Flush of Emma

Theo is owned and trained by fam. Hamann Olsen in Norway



M: CIB No SE DK ch NORDCH RLDN RLDF Cirtap's prinses Emma v Wirre-E

F: Floyd-Charlte vd Rastahoeve



-eyes: to be done

-Patella: 0/0

-HD: B

-AD: 0

-VWD: free (DNA tested)

-ENM: free (DNA tested - new test 2017)


height 42cm






-Norwegian and Swedish showchampion

- BIS junior Norwegian Kooikerclubshow

- CAC BOB junior exc ck and Norwegian Juniorwinner


-diverse BOB and BOS at national shows


Mental test done.




NO JV-16 NOCH SECH Duckhills Royal Flush of Emma