Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi kooikerhondje

Born: july 6, 2018

regnr: SE46224/2018

F: Hakim vom Torfmoorsee (Germany)

M: Qunack's Favor Joyeus Jinx (imp. NL)

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ENM: free

VWD: free

Eyes: to be done (fall 2019)

Hips: to be done (fall 2019)

Patella: to be done (fall '19)

Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi
duckhills joy jingle 5,5m
duckhills joy jingle 9m
Jingle 10 months

DK JCH Duckhills Joy Jingle of Rudi

dyckhills joy jingle of Rudi pedigree


Jingle 16 months

Jingle is the keeperpuppy from Jinx' first litter. Long before his parents mated in Germany we had decided to keep a male from this litter if they would come out nicely. They did and what a luxury to be able to choose from 4 very handsome males.

Very nice pedigree, new genes for Sweden/Scandinavia and also the most friendly, social and confident parents you can think of.