Emma x Milo 2017

Week 3

Week 4

Duckhills Dancing Birka & Nikon with Emmi

In 2016 we had the same combination. Only 1 puppy arrived as a welcome surprise after a -to late- mating. The puppy, Thistle, is all you can wish for as a breeder and I got a lot of requests to repeat this breeding. We decided to do so. Emma had 3 litters (12 puppies) and she just loooooves to be a mother. Why not.

I met daddy Milo when he was still a puppy. Hard not to fall in love with this charming guy. He grew up into a very handsome, lovely, friendly and succesfull kooikermale. Just the perfect temperament and looks I was looking for in a male.

milo x emma

They arrived!! Birka (female) and Nikon (male)

Very welcome in the Duckhillsfamily. We expected more puppies according to the ultrasound some weeks ago but the X-ray at the veterinarian said it was only Twins this time. Supernice twins!!


week 5

Week 6

week 7

Week 8